Keeping you safe

As of the 19th of July, you will all be aware the Government has eased restrictions, so what does that mean for us.  We have always put the safety of our team and customers first and will continue to do so, we have decided to take a slowly slowly approach.

  • All our team had decided that they would like to continue to wear a face covering, please respect this they are doing it out of respect to their fellow team members and guests alike.
  • Whilst we can not insist guests wear a face covering, we would prefer it if they did when not sat at the table.
  • We will continue with workplace testing; all our team take a lateral flow test twice a week.
  • Taking peoples details for track and trace will stop but we will leave the NHS QR code up by the front door to give our guests the choice.
  • We will leave all the hand sanitising stations in place, they are at all entrances, by the toilets and dotted around the café for guests and team.
  • We will continue to clean the tables with Anti-Viral cleaner after every use.
  • Whilst the weather is warm, we will continue to leave the bifold doors and windows open to improve ventilation.
  • We are looking in to installing a new ventilation system to improve ventilation and are in the process of getting quotes so we can be ready for when the weather cools down and it becomes too cold to leave the doors and windows open.
  • We will be taking down the screens in the downstairs restaurant but will not be putting in any more table for the time being, preferring to stay cautious and keep them distanced.
  • We will put a couple of extra tables in upstairs where we have more space.
  • We will be leaving the screens up on the counter.
  • We will still be looking to take payment at the table so we can keep congestion around the counter to a minimum.
  • There will continue to be no entry to the garden through the back gate, we will keep the one-way system in place.
  • All touch surfaces and the toilets are cleaned frequently during the day with Anti-Viral cleaner and we will continue to do this.
  • We hope you find these changes reassuring, we will regularly be reviewing all our Covid safety measures and amend as appropriate

Please respect others personal space they may not feel as confident as you and we don’t know others personal circumstances.