Coffee at Oliver’s Pantry 

We are very proud of our coffee.  We use only the best quality coffee beans roasted to order.  We order on a Monday they are roasted on the Wednesday and delivered to us on the Thursday so always the freshest they can be.

We take time to make sure everyone of our team is fully trained to produce only the best coffee. Our Baristas are knowledgeable, passionate and take great pride in what they do.

Great care is taken from the moment the beans are put in the hopper to the moment they are ground to perfection to produce a deep, dark and satisfying espresso.

We make sure the milk for our lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos is smooth, velvet in texture and never burnt! This lush texture will give you a glow all over from the first sip to the last… you will discover the joy of drinking the perfect coffee made with the best ingredients by highly trained Baristas.  Nothing like the lacklustre watery coffee often found on the high street.

We have our methods with our coffee and milk to make sure we deliver consistently great coffee however if you have a particular way you like yours just let us know we can craft each cup just the way you like it….

If coffee is not your bag….don’t worry.. We have divine fruit or coffee based frappes to tempt you with mango, peach and summer berry flavours, blended with ice to cool you down and give you a fruity burst or choose one of our famous Milkshakes